Circuit information

Direction of the circuit Anti-clockwise
Circuit length 2.8km (1.74miles)
Lowest point 135m altitude
Highest point 151m altitude
Address 1 Avenue Paul Henri Spaak, 1400 Nivelles, Belgique
Co-ordinates 50°37'20.3 Latitude, 4°19'38.3" Longitude


08:00 Start of the handover of batons and chips

Closure of the circuit to traffic

Opening of the circuit to the skaters


End of the handover of batons and chips

Briefing for team leaders.

10:00 Start of the Rouliroula 6hours
12:00 Start for the kids race
16:00 End of the races

Return of race chips and batons

Teams arrange their equipment. They must clean and collect all waste in their area.

17:00 Award ceremony

Safety Notice


Due to the nature of the event, we please only use the pavements.

We ask you not to cross the street without the help of a volunteer for security reasons, yours and that of the participants.


 Rules ;-)



Car access will be possible for participants via Avenue Paul-Henri Spaak. Participants will park inside the circuit, guided by our volunteers.

Access will be closed 30 minutes before the start of the event and will be re-opened as soon as possible after the end of the race.


We ask you to find a parking place near the circuit and then join us on foot. We remind you that it is forbidden to park on a cycle path.

Access to visitors on foot will be possible via Avenue Paul-Henri Spaak as well as Rue Joseph Luns.

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